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ACEA Wants Carmakers to Adopt Standardized Charging Plugs for EVs

    The European Union has already agreed with cell phone manufacturers to adopt a common charger format for their new phones. Therefore, consumers we will be able to buy a new phone without a charger, which up until now, was different to the one used by their old cellphone.

    Now ACEA, the European car manufacturers association, is following the example and wants carmakers to adopt a common standard concerning chargers for their plug-in electric vehicles. To that end, it has already compiled a set of recommendations that stipulates the use of a uniform type of plug regardless of the country or power provider.

    “This is a major step towards the broader introduction of electrically-charged vehicles in Europe and paves the way for a harmonized solution around the world”, said ACEA Secretary General Ivan Hodac. “We call on the European commission to adopt these recommendations and to clear remaining issues as soon as possible.”

    Up until now, each manufacturer has introduced its own type of charger. A common type of chargers and charging stations will create a uniform infrastructure throughout the continent and is believed to help increase sales of electric vehicle across Europe.

    According to Hodac, adopting a common standard will benefit not just the consumer, but also the carmakers and the charging stations providers: “Standardization provides predictability to investors, economies of scale and reduces costs. We have also ensured that our solution meets the highest safety standard and is easy to use.”

    ACEA urges the EU to examine and approve of the new standard “as soon as possible”. Car manufacturers, on the other hand, want it implemented from 2017.


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ACEA Wants Carmakers to Adopt Standardized Charging Plugs for EVs

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